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Top Social Media Apps To Utilise For Your Business

🕒 July 13, 2022 by Reham Omar - 7 min read

Currently, there are more than 4.2 billion active social media users worldwide. ​​In KSA alone, out of a total population of 35 million, 27.08 million people are active users of social media. If you are not using this opportunity to expand your market, you are missing out on a swift, reasonable and efficient way to connect with half of the world’s population. All of this automatically translates to potential loss with regards to an apparent, easy and effective marketing medium.

It is thus very important that you explore ways to harness the reach of the most used social media apps as part of your digital marketing plan. It is important to learn about the top social media platforms if you classify yourself as 

  • having considerable experience in social media marketing,
  • an aspiring marketer exploring marketing on social media or
  • a business owner wishing to use social media.

By actively engaging on social media platforms, you will be able to interact with potential partners or customers, increase the reach of your business and accomplish your business goals. 

To maximize the benefits of social media platforms for business, you need to make sure that you are using the most appropriate of these platforms. Since there are several diverse social media apps, it may not be possible to cover all of them. So, you must focus on platforms that target your particular customer base.

Creating A Successful Social Media Strategy

Here are some fundamental actions you can take to create a solid, successful social media strategy:

  • When you open each account, have a purpose that extends beyond just utilizing it as a marketing channel.
  • Clearly understand each social media platform.
  • What you believe you can accomplish with the platform should be guided by its capabilities.
  • Look at user information for the platforms you believe would be most successful, such as income, gender, age, geography and hobbies.
  • Make sure your continuing approach is fueled by the most recent information about social media sites.

Here is a list of social media apps that top the chart and which you must utilize for your business:

Top Social Media Apps


78% of KSA’s population is on Instagram. Instagram, an image-based social networking platform, is a fantastic platform for company growth through interaction and brand recognition rather than direct sales. Utilize all of the network’s features, such as Instagram stories and live videos, to get the most out of it. Additionally, you may improve your profile by connecting with other users and taking advantage of influencer marketing. You can also use top Instagram photo-editing tools if you want to enhance your pictures.


Every day, users of YouTube view millions of hours of content as there are 23 million active users on the app from KSA alone. YouTube is undoubtedly among the most potent social media channels for marketing, owing to its massive volume. You may set up a YouTube channel and upload videos to attract followers and garner engagement. In addition to being a major search engine, YouTube is one of the biggest social networking platforms. If you want to thrive on YouTube, it is critical to follow best practices for SEO. Companies from various industries can utilize YouTube, including the strictly regulated legal, financial, and medical sectors.


 All content on Snapchat disappears within 24 hours, such as publicly displayed stories. Users can use videos or photos sent as messages customized for disappearance time. If your audience is between 16-30, snap away. Snapchat’s content generated by users is the best as it eradicates content creation nuisances. It makes them an intriguing element of your brand, creating emotional connections with the users. It is a wonderful way to boost the credibility of a brand. Another advantage of using Snapchat for business is the Snapchat insights: you can track and assess your interactions with the users and discover a lot about your target audience. You can learn more about your prospective leads’ backgrounds and demographic information for better design.


TikTok is a platform for sharing short videos. Introduced in 2017, it is one of the world’s fastest-growing applications and recently surpassed Google as the most popular website. With TikTok, users can generate and share 15-60-second videos that may be enhanced with a wide variety of sound effects, music clips, and filters to make them more visually appealing. Ages 10 to 29 comprise most of the demographic of TikTok. TikTok is an excellent platform for your company if your target market is young. You may plan and schedule your TikTok posts in advance to build your brand and gain more followers.


Twitter provides its users with a constant feed of news and fresh content from the Internet. Every global brand has a Twitter handle and receives millions of active users each month. This business-focused social networking platform may not have the same widespread user base as Facebook, but it is undoubtedly one of the most open networks in the world. However, Twitter is known for limiting messages to 280 characters or less. It is not easy to be succinct, engaging and instructive in one tweet. However, if you do it well, others may favour or retweet your writing, allowing you to reach a large audience. Twitter is indeed one of the most important social media sites to increase business exposure.


Creating a Telegram business account is not very straightforward. There are two approaches to using Telegram for business. Of course, you may make groups and channels. However, making a Telegram Bot for business is also a brilliant idea. You can build bots for social services, gaming, productivity and e-commerce using the free Telegram Bots or Telegram Business API. By integrating them with a CRM or message service, Telegram Bots may also provide human help. This platform can help you come up with a unique way of marketing your business.


Pinterest works as a major junction for discovering new concepts and new products. Pinterest users are seven times more predisposed to purchase items they’ve pinned, making it a perfect app for growing traffic to your page. Your target audience can ‘pin’ photographs on Pinterest that point to your websites, product pages, blog articles and other online material. Home decor, DIYs, makeup, skincare and fashion trends, among others, are the most viewed topics and themes on Pinterest. Accordingly, you should strongly consider using Pinterest commerce to advertise your business if it functions in any of those niches.


No social media app can match LinkedIn in terms of professionalism. It has an extensive professional network of employees and company owners, making it far more formal than other social media sites. Because of this, its users react to B2B material more favourably than B2C content. This indicates that firms that target businesses as clients will succeed more than businesses that target individual consumers directly. The top leadership of most corporations actively interact on LinkedIn, and it would be fruitful to garner visibility on this professional platform.


This list of social media apps detailed the top-most apps in terms of visibility and traffic. Choose the social media platform that suits your product, service and demography to create a distinct marketing plan. If you need help implementing a social media marketing plan, you can always work with agencies that are specialists in social media marketing. Alternatively, you can also consider hiring freelancers such as graphic designers and filmmakers for specific projects. Choose wisely and tastefully while picking which social media apps to use when it comes to promoting your business!

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