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Door to Door

🕒 مارس 3, 2022 by abhishek singh - 2 min read

Door to Door – Delivery Techniques for Enhanced eCommerce Shopping Experience

The transport of the goods from the consigner to the consignee is known as the door to door service.

Door to door is transportation service. It refers to the fact that goods are transported from the consignor’s door to the consignee’s door seamlessly. Often this type of service is observed in eCommerce. When the customer places an order for delivery, the package is picked up from the seller’s door by the courier pick up agent and delivered to the customer’s doorstep by the courier delivery agent.

This type of service ensures comfort on both the ends. Alternatively door to door also refers to a marketing technique where a person walks from one door of the house to another to advertise certain products and services or gather information from people. 

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