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Multi-Carrier Shipping
Solution For eCommerce

An all-in-one shipping platform that helps you provide a delightful
last mile experience using automated operations, multiple channel &
carrier integrations, customer-centric features & advanced analytics

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Simplify Your Shipping Effort

Upgrade your buyer’s eCommerce journey conveniently using cutting-edge features

Upgrade your buyer’s eCommerce journey conveniently using cutting-edge features

Automated Workflows

Ship your orders faster & cheaper by eliminating manual effort

Fetch all your orders at once to process them faster & reduce your order-to-ship tim
Automatically generate important shipping documents like invoice, manifest & shipping label
Know the reasons for orders undelivered after 3 attempts & keep track of RTO status

Smooth Integration

Connect your sales channels seamlessly & choose from multiple carrier options

Easily sync your eCommerce store, your catalog & your inventory with the help of API
Manage multiple platforms like Shopify, OpenCart, Salla & more in a single place
Maximize your reach with the leading carriers like SLS, Aymakan, Aramex & more

Meet Core – Our AI-Powered
Courier Recommendation Engine

Select a suitable carrier for your orders using AI-based suggestions

Best Rated

Across all performance parameters


With the lowest shipping rates


Offering the fastest delivery time


Meet your needs with custom carrier rules

Delight Your Customers

Gain & retain happy customers using buyer-focused features & effective communication

Multiple Payment Options

Give your buyers the freedom to choose between prepaid & cash on delivery payment modes

Branded Tracking Page

Place your brand name, logo, support details, promotional banners & collect customer feedback in the form of NPS

Customized Notifications

Choose from attractive templates & send customized tracking updates via Email, SMS and WhatsApp

Take Intelligent Business Decisions

Keep a tab on important business metrics and shipping performance using our analytics dashboard and reports

Shipment Details

Get a clear view of your orders, total Shipment count, shipment cost & shipment status

Undelivered Count

Reduce undelivered orders by analyzing your NDR count & reattempt count for the last 30 days

Delivery Performance

Step up your delivery performance by keeping the number of late & within-SLA deliveries in check

Buyer Demographics

View your order count, RTO count & revenue bifurcated according to buyer demographics

Ship Affordably At Pre-Negotiated Rates

Recharge for as low as SAR 100 & start shipping at just SAR 14 per order.

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