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10 Basic Tips for Creating a Successful Google Ad

🕒 August 3, 2022 by Reham Omar - 8 min read

If you’re thinking about investing money in advertisements to reach your target audience, you should spend it wisely. There are various ways to advertise your business; however, digital marketing is more effective than local marketing. 

When the phrase “Digital Marketing” was coined, a single platform dominated the globe. Yes, Google! With over 259 million unique viewers daily and 4.8 billion interactions, it is driving digitalisation in the corporate world. For marketing, Google launched Google Ads, a powerful advertising method that can benefit your company regardless of your budget.

What is Google Ads?

As part of the pay-per-click (PPC) marketing strategy, Google Ads is a network of advertisements where you pay per click or impression (CPM) on a Google ad. It successfully attracts customers to your business looking for goods and services similar to what you provide.

Using Google Ads, you may increase the number of people visiting your website, calling you, and seeing your business. Google Ads allows you to create and broadcast well-timed advertisements to your target market. Your brand will appear in the search results when your target customers look for similar goods and services.

Importance of Google Ads in eCommerce Businesses

Google Advertisements enables you to reap the benefits of digital advertising by displaying your advertisements to the target market in the right location and at the proper time. It has various advantages, but these are the most important ones.

  • Customers connect specific terms and phrases with your company.
  • You may target using AdWords, which means that the advertisements follow a client to other Search sites such as YouTube and Google Maps, improving engagement and lowering cost-per-click.
  • Complete control over which websites host your adverts.
  • Concentrate on your target audience by focusing on specific areas and cities.
  • It determines who is looking for your items.
  • It reminds clients of prior searches, keeping your brand in the forefront of their thoughts.
  • Google Ads also assists you in optimising current campaigns and leveraging outcomes for more excellent overall performance.
  • It lets customers quickly and personally locate what they’re searching for. Including a differentiated value position in your ad may also assist customers in determining why your company is superior to the competition. 

Google Advertisement is a low-cost, user-friendly advertising tool that may help your e-commerce company improve traffic and sales.

How to Run Perfect Google Ads?

When you launch Google Advertising, it must specify which of the three main objectives it wants to accomplish:

  • Improved sales calls
  • Increasing the number of people that visit your store
  • directing visitors to your website or landing page

You must choose whether the ad material will be delivered globally or to specific local audiences. The next step is to tell Google what makes this firm unique by providing photographs or three short paragraphs. Based on these lines, Google will make it easier to create ad copy. Finally, you will set your budget, which Google will use to forecast the campaign’s success, and it will go live! Your organisation will get closer to fulfilling its budget with testing and advertising. You will not only fulfil your budget but also receive additional clicks on your PPC campaign. When you get good results and quality scores, your results page will be ranked, and more people will see it.

10 Tips For Creating Innovative Google Ads

Set a Clear Objective

Before you can get particular with your conversion targets, you must first consider the larger picture. What are your primary business objectives? What are your marketing goals? Once you’ve clarified those points, you may focus on your real strategic action plan.

Build a Great Structure

Set things up correctly from the start, and you’ll be in a much better position to succeed in your business. Management of good campaigns, keywords, ad groups, and specific locations can give you better results.

Ensure a Higher Quality Score

The important word here is quality. Google evaluates each ad’s pricing, keywords, and impact craters to assign a Quality Score. This typically ranges from one to ten: the more significant your rating, the higher you rank, with increased possibilities of lead conversions. So essentially, you want your ad to be as clear and valuable to the finder as possible at all times.

Target Better Keywords

When it comes to keywords, you have to nail them. Testing and modifying should be part of your approach. If your terms are too broad, Google will show your ad to the incorrect audience, leading to fewer responses and a higher ad cost. Examine what’s working and make changes to match your ads to your target customer base. You’re unlikely to get it perfect the first time, so keep adding, deleting, and adjusting keywords until you do.

Optimized Landing Page

The aim is not simply to develop an ad that someone clicks on. It is to make an ad that someone clicks on and then discovers the product or service they seek. A well-designed landing page is an essential part of your Google Adwords campaign. Your landing page should employ the exact phrase and CTA as your advertisement and generate the same strong emotions. Make specific offers to track them and improve your landing page to increase sales.

Use Dynamic Search Ads

Using Dynamic Search Ads is another approach to extending Google Advertising. This strategy targets your advertisements to the proper consumers by utilising your website content. Facts and pictures from your website are used to build Dynamic Search Ad headlines and landing pages. This is an excellent tactic, particularly for marketers with an established website.

Let Automation Work For You

Intelligent Pricing and Customised Search Ads will help you increase conversions. Automation considers anything from the funnel stage to relevancy, keywords, and competition. Then, it ensures that your bid is boosted when your ad has the highest chance of success—or decreases the price when your competitor is expected to win—so you don’t waste your valuable time and money.

Embrace Extensions

You can directly add extensions to your ad to identify your region, items, features, or promotional offers from the extensions page in your Google Ads dashboard. Users that look for a local service end up going there that day. Local searches are increasingly being done on mobile when consumers are out and about, so you need to know that you’re nearby and available to assist.

Use Negative Keywords

Google Ads also allows you to enter negative keywords with which you do not want to be associated. Negative sensations are frequently used to increase conversions. Examine your search terms and report to learn how people are inadvertently looking for you. You may locate the irrelevant inquiries directing visitors to you here and add them to your negative keyword list.

Cross Check Everything Before Publishing

How are visitors discovering your website? What articles are popular, and what queries lead people there? You can use your information to identify the patterns. On Google Ads, you’ll also see analytics that explains why your page views, click-throughs, or expenses may have changed. Take this data, evaluate it, and apply it to your next advertising campaign.

Examples of Ecommerce Businesses Before and After Using Google Ads


One of the FinTech success stories from Saudi Arabia, Tamara, hopes to use Google Ads to grow locally and globally. Over 1,000 merchants, including Namshi, Floward, SACO, Nice One, Whites, and Nejree, are supported by the firm founded in 2020. It claims to be the nation’s fastest-growing BNPL provider to be accepted into the Saudi Central Bank’s (SAMA) Sandbox programme. 

This fintech startup employs Google advertisements and other marketing tools to gain market share in the financial sector. Tamara has a $26.4M yearly revenue advantage over other financial companies due to the strategic use of Google Ads.


One of the main pillars of Saudi e-commerce development is Salla. Salla is the fruit of thought and has created a smooth experience for Saudi business owners and SMEs to establish their online presence. More crucially, the infrastructure is entirely in Arabic. It has successfully formed solid strategic alliances with local logistics and payment platforms. 

Using Google Ads, Salla reached more consumers and increased their sales. They have also established nearly 10,000 outlets, with $346 million in total sales.


Google Ads is one of the most potent advertising methods a business can use, thanks to its accessibility and popularity among other search engines. There are several approaches to constructing the finest campaign for your company and its viewers, ranging from search marketing to shopping advertisements. You can create a great promotional campaign for your business by utilising all the capabilities of Google Ads.

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