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How to Write a Mind-blowing Product Description

🕒 June 27, 2022 by Reham Omar - 6 min read

Have you ever read a description of a product that made it look like it’s the best product in the world? It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it’s like magic.

Excellent product descriptions can help attract potential customers and influence their purchase decision. It can also help increase sales as well as enhance the visibility of your store on search engines.

Regardless of the type of products you sell or the size of your online business, great product descriptions will always help to sell easier at your store.

This guide covers everything you need to know about writing compelling descriptions for even the most hesitant customers to buy your products.

What Is A Product Description?

Product descriptions are important marketing tools that help convince your target audience to buy your product. It is a brief written version of product features and benefits in a way that helps buyers to imagine how they can use the product after buying.

There are many methods and ways to write product descriptions that work well in your store such as getting the description as one sentence or one paragraph, funny or serious writing style, or placing the description next to or below the product titles and photos.

As mentioned, product descriptions can affect your store visitors to make a purchase, taking them to the next stage in your sales funnel. On the other hand, poor product descriptions can prevent potential customers from buying your product and delay sales.

Although a product’s description’s length, style or vocabulary are important factors, there are more to consider when writing about a product. A good product description should answer these questions: What problem is your product solving? What benefits will be accrued to the customer when using your product? Why is your product better than your competitors?

Methods of Writing Compelling Product Description

1.Select The Right Target Audience

It is important to know who you write to when writing a product description. If you don’t have an ideal customer in mind, your descriptions may look generic and unattractive to potential buyers.

You have to put yourself in the client’s shoes. Write in a conversational tone that makes the reader feel like you are personally describing your product to him to create a sense of confidence and familiarity so he can want to buy your product. 

Don’t write as if you’re addressing a machine or a group audience. Write like you’re talking to another human being.

By developing a buyer’s personality such as his age, occupation and interests, and knowing information about your target audience, you will be able to write more effective and attractive product descriptions for them.

2. Focus on The Features & Benefits of Your Product

As a store owner, you want to make sure your product has the most unique features possible online. However, buyers care more about unusual features and benefits than average product characteristics. They want to know how a product can benefit them and how it can improve their lives.

The description of your product should explain the measurable benefits it can provide to customers. Before you start writing, be sure to identify the features of your product and how it benefits buyers. Think about how a product can increase a customer’s well-being or solve one of their problems.

3. Take Care of The Voice & Tone of Your Brand

Be yourself when writing your product description. Write like you’re talking to a potential client. That doesn’t mean you need to be unprofessional. Just don’t be afraid to show your personality in the style and words you write.

It may seem daunting, but after some practice, writing about your products will become a normal task, this is your chance to create and show the character and tone of your brand.

But, don’t over-describe your product, as this type of writing can scare potential customers, and will make them feel like you are overly hyped about the product and its features. Consumers are becoming more familiar with marketing language, so they don’t want to feel like you’re pressuring them to buy something.

4. Use Storytelling

People are emotional in nature, so capturing your customers’ feelings by describing your product is an effective way to convince them to buy from you. Stories that resonate with their feelings and break down rational barriers can help you build an emotional and powerful bond with them. This allows you to communicate with your customers at a deeper level.

The product description should provide an overview of the story behind how this product is created. Your product description should also include answers to all questions about the product’s history, such as what is the origin of the product? How was it made? How can the product fit into your customer’s daily life?

By setting up a scene like this, you’re likely to create a more stimulating environment in which a buyer can visualize this product, and that’s something benefits and features can’t do alone.

5. Use Resonant Words

There are certain words and phrases that have a profound emotional impact on your customers. These powerful words increase sales by a large margin. When writing product descriptions, use words that will severely affect your customer to make a purchase.

You can also use sensory words in your descriptions, where sensory words & phrases severely affect the customer’s mind. These words usually describe shape, sound, texture or smell.

Find words that resonate with buyers. Instead of using words such as “cute” or “high quality”, choose powerful words such as “amazing” or “dazzling.” Adding such powerful words to your product descriptions, you subtly convince buyers that your products are impressive and worth buying.

6. Make It Easy to Scan

A lot of shoppers check the product description content quickly till something attracts their attention, so they are unlikely to read everything you write. That’s why you need to make it easier to scan the product page and product description.

There are lots of ways to do this like, using attractive titles, using bullet points, using short paragraphs of just a few sentences, or using different font sizes.

7. Think About Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important when promoting your products. This can help potential customers find your products on Google, and increase the number of visits to your store.

To start improving your product descriptions, do some keyword searching to determine the search terms your customers use to search for the types of products you sell.


Following these tips, you will be on your way to creating product descriptions that inspire your customers to buy from your online store. The importance of writing an attractive description of your store’s products cannot be overstated, as a well-written product description can help you sell more products and attract more customers. Always make sure you spend time writing descriptions that accurately reflect the products you sell.

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